well, hello hello. i am back! i went to spain for the week. we had a great time. returning to the UK was very difficult. we just basically chilled... the friends we were there with were great value. they live a fairly wholesome settled life which really reinforced how much i yearn for that too. i'm really looking forward to going home and being able to nest. it's always easier said than done though. when i did live in my own apartment i basically did zero decorating...

return to work was rough. it felt like i just had to "get through the day" ya know? i always dread returning to work, no matter the vocation but it was a bit soul destroying to think about going back to nannying. at least in medicine i achieve something. sigh. when i was on holiday i was thinking about how i should start studying for my next exam, so at least that is done whilst i am here. there is a lot i should do... and yet have not done... i have started doing duolingo though - so there's that!!!

this morning i was not in a great mood and just laid in bed. but eventually i got up and went for a long walk in the park talking to my parents. it was nice to speak with them. i probably just vented a lot, but it made me feel better. anyway, i'm now sitting here in our loungeroom whilst my boyfriend works from home. at least it is warm inside. farewell for now!!