i can't believe it's been over two weeks since my last blog entry. it feels like i have done next to nothing in between. i don't really know where the time went to be honest. but anyway, it is december now! the weather here is pretty shit. and i'm on my third cold in about six weeks. i'm sitting here sipping a lemon, honey and ginger tea i've made myself. not that i think it will do anything, but it's nice to taste anyway.

i feel like i had so much to write yesterday, but now that i'm here sitting down, i feel blank. i really don't want to go to work today. really can't be fucked to deal with the kids... plus i'm sick. it's very tempting to take a covid test, just in case i am positive....i've been getting back into running fairly successfully since i last wrote on here. i'm completely using being sick as an excuse not to go, but i also don't want to over exhaust myself and be sicker for longer. day one of my illness was really yesterday, so i'll see how i go tomorrow.

i've been in a pretty bad mood recently, mainly getting short with my boyfriend. but i think i'm turning a corner with that now. this weekend we've watched both of the "three men and a baby" movies. i want to start doing christmas-y type things and decorate the flat a little bit. it's hard having limited money to do that though!!! plus i was going to go to TK Maxx on saturday but i think i started feeling sick then. plus oxford street was disgustingly busy. it was so bad. sigh. sometimes i think there are too many people in the world. what great christmas cheer.