salutations. i'm realising this website has really just turned into my diary, which i guess it was always going to be. but i really haven't done any updates in a while! i've been a bit busy. we were in istanbul last week which was really cool! now i am back in london. the boyfriend and i have both been sick with what seems like two different illnesses for about a month now. it's very annoying. i actually had been running regularly before i went to turkey, but now... well my last run was on march 23rd, so it's been 19 days. part of me wants to get back into it, but the other part worries that i might perish myself before work!! i don't want to overexert myself with whatever virus i currently have... decisions, decisions. i know i won't have to do a long day at work tomorrow, so maybe i will do a test run then.

in other news i have been reading taiko. i didn't know it was so long!!! i am enjoying it but it is hard to keep up with some of the characters. after this i want to read the three body problem. we watched the tv show (which wasn't very good), but all the plot twists really got me excited! there was a scene that i really want to know the meaning of. so i'm going to read the books to find out.

in other (TW: body-talk/weight-talk)) related news, i have put on yet more weight!! however i am hoping most of this is water weight and holiday-related indulgence. i've been listening to the "we only look thin" podcast which is actually great! i have also been counting calories since i return - i just do all meals except for dinner. this obviously leaves a bit of a question mark but right now it is too troublesome to include.

i've also been listening to FOB's album - so much for stardust... and i think it is really a return to form!!! i just wish i could talk to my cousin about it. i think she would have liked it.

anyway, that's all for now! see you next time!