well, fellow netizens. i am currently ending day one of a two overnight streak. tomorrow i'm going to try to go for a "long run" (laughable given i have done zero exercise as of late). sometimes i find going for an enjoyable trail run the better way to do things. let's hope the weather holds. in other news, last weekend we went for a nice hike. unfortunately afterwards had an ill-advised night out. lately i'm feeling less and less keen to go out. if i'm having a good time (read: fucekd up), i usually behave in some kind of way that i'll feel ashamed about the next day. it's nowhere near what it used to be, but i just hate that anxiety the next day. i also am so over hangovers. i just can't be bothered to power through them anymore, and i'd much rather be having a day where i don't feel like shit. i guess this is getting older? it feels like i'm just getting lazier to be honest.