hi there. currently petsitting with the boyfriend about an hour outside of london. looking after a very fat pug and a cat. the house is very nice and homely. my frustration with my boyfriend continues. i don't know if it is me being unreasonable oor not, but i'm getting very sick of helping him with things. for example, if i am nearby and he is writing an email or a text, he will want me to check it. he asks me how to feed the dog or the cat, becauase it is "easier" for him to ask me - despite the fact that we both have been given clear written instructions on how to do so. or if he is trying to do use a new piece of technology he has to ask me for help, even though i don't know either. and all i do is just trial and error, which sorts it out? he says it is easier for him just to ask me. or if i start preparing dinner in the morning, i send him a text with the recipe and what he needs to do, and i still get contacted asking what he has to do. i get annoyed by being interrupted all the time - granted i'm not often doing anything important... i just don't like having to provide this reassurance all the time. i was going to write constant reassurance which isn't accurate. this morning he got up before me (he has work), and to his credit fed the pets, but didn't take the dog outside to pee. he asked me to do it. i just feel like i always do all these pet related things - i'm always the one who gets up in the middle of the night if the dogs are upset. he "can't function" without his sleep. sometimes i just feel like my life revolves around making concessions for him. but that isn't really accurate either. he used to do most of the cooking (not anymore), and he is cleaner than me. he generally organises our holidays and outings and whatnot. so i probably need to take a backseat. but at the same time it's like - !!! just figure it out dude!! you are an adult too!! i don't ask for your help at the drop of a hat!!! i try to figure things out myself!!

sorry for the overshare. i'm being a bit of a bitch, but also feel that this is a two-way street. sigh. anyway i've got time off from work thank god. i'd done well with getting back into running but now i've let a week go by without running. i'm cleaning up my diet too because i feel... not great in my own body. i need to go and do some christmas present shopping now, so i'll walk into town and see what i can find.