hello world, this is me... procrastinating before i go to work. i have to leave in just 23 minutes and i am sitting here in my towel, having not lifted a finger towards moving. what's going on? well i've been working on my quotes page. transcribing the quotes has brought back memories from earlier this year which makes my heart feel heavy.

i ended up leaving to go to work after writing this. but as i was walking to work, i was thinking about grief. i was thinking about all the memories and feelings your mind processes once someone is gone. this is a terrible, disgusting, analogy, but i thought about how all the innards of animals are churned through to create a sausage. the grief process seems kind of like that - your mind churns through all the shit that comes up, and somehow you are left with the sausage - what remains of that person. is this gross and borderline offensive to write down? probably.