it's been a particularly rainy few days off. i haven't had work since tuesday which has been wonderful, but i have spent all of it inside. i don't mind that, but this morning i realised i have gained weight. kind of annoying because my diet is quite erratic here. hard to get a handle on things in that way. i could, of course, just exercise...which i would like... just as i sit down to write this my boyfriend of course enters the room. he has a knack for doing this. i don't share my website with him because it's mine!! and i like having the freedom to put whatever i want on here. he wasn't that curious until recently. he will remain that way.

we're going to spain in a couple of days so i won't be around here as much for about 10 days. hopefully i can keep updating my dream microjournal which i have on the front page. annoyingly, i couldn't remember my dream last night except it involved me in some sort of mecha robot thing. didn't seem worth putting that on the front page.

it is definitely autumn around these parts. the leaves have completely changed colour. it is quite beautiful, but i'm bracing myself for winter. everyone keeps warning me about bloody winter. in fairness, i am woefully underprepared, but at this stage it feels like a big bad wolf. just come and get me already!! autumn is cold enough!!

my boyfriend also somehow caught gastro yesterday. hopefully not contagious. i haven't heard someone vomit like that in a really long time. poor guy was up and down all night.